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Tribe Recruitment

Name:  [US-TN][x1.5XP][x4Tame][x2Harvest] ** ARK.WICKEDAWESOME.NET

I've setup a dedicated server with some friends who just started playing the game. We are looking for other groups of people that are interested in playing in a "Friendly" way on a PvEvP server. If you have a group that is interested in playing on a private server, but not maintaining one, this might be for you.

One key thing I wanted to address, was once you hit mid game, a single raptor/cat mounted will just go up and destroy any wild critter out there. I didn't like this as it made the game a little to easy. With this server's settings, the level of the wild animals matter. a 60+ Trike WILL hurt you and your lvl 30 raptor if you try to solo it. Simply put. the Wild Animal Level actually matters! Now that I have the settings nailed down, I plan to wipe the server and start fresh with whoever wants to join.

While we are enjoying the whole aspect of gather/craft/build, we know that it will get old, and want something to keep us on our toes as we play, and encourage strategic building, defenses, and overall prepare for threats outside of dinos. We don't want to PVP full time, just want the chance of it to be there (and something for that ONE guy in your group that needs to screw with someone, even if its at your own tribe's expense).

  • Taming is 4X Faster. (but Tamed is Weaker!)
  • XP is boosted 50%.
  • 20% Less hunger.
  • 3rd Person view is enabled.
  • Daytime is 33% Longer (about 40m)
  • Nights are half as long (about 8m)
  • Harvested resources provide 100% more
  • Resources re-spawn 50% Closer to structures.

Overall, Tamed Creatures are Weaker then their equivalent level wild counterparts, so you will need to take better care of your critters and level them up before really using them, or travel in packs.

If you (or your group) is interested in playing in a fresh server, feel free to stop by sometime and join us for a bit!

Currently Global Voice is enabled, but plan to disable at some point. We also have a mumble server you can use, or you can use your own for your group.

Launch here: Steam Link